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VW Campervan Conversions

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Bespoke Campervan Conversions

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  • 27-07-2018
Bespoke Campervan Conversions

Bespoke Campervan Conversions

Do you wish to invest in a campervan conversion which not only costs money but effort and time in planning, building and creating the perfect motorhome for you? Or do you want to test drive and acquire a campervan which is constructed for the purpose and does exactly what it says on the tin? An instant home from home to whisk you away-- even if the pink carpet is not to your taste-- you do have all the facilities you need.


With a typical holiday, you stay in one place throughout of your holiday. However, with a campervan, you can go on a trip and cover a broad area, or a whole nation if you have the time. Going from place to place contributes to the variety of a vacation and can improve the holiday experience. Campsites are a lot more affordable, and the inflation in price throughout the school holidays tends to be a lot less in comparison to other accommodation.

You do not have to have a separate vehicle as your campervan; you can use your campervan as your daily vehicle. Campervan insurance is extremely competitive and may even be more affordable than your vehicle insurance. Smaller sized campervans and conversions are easy to manoeuvre and park in the areas and cities. Pop-up roofings and awnings add to the size of a smaller sized camper.


The next time you pack up for a family holiday, there's no reason to leave anyone behind- no matter how many legs they have. Because the campervan is converted to your bespoke specification, you can be sure to find space for all of your family members and not worry about booking additional boarding for the dog.


You can choose a peaceful camping area away from the hustle and bustle to recharge your batteries in a picturesque place. Read a book in a natural setting, warmed by the afternoon sun with an optional glass of wine can be bliss. Remote camping areas give you the chance to stroll or trek and enjoy all that the best of the countryside.

Bespoke VW Camper Conversion

One of the fantastic benefits of transforming a campervan is the flexibility and liberty that it gives in contrast to a pre-built motorhome. Many people have picked a bespoke conversion so they can include their personal touch in the vehicle. A VW Campervan is a lot more than a car you can sleep in- once you've owned a camper, it almost becomes a way of living. As a smart man once said, "it's not just about the destination, it's how you get there." and with a transformed VW camper, you can get there in style and comfort. 

 There is no lack of DIY Camper conversions, and they often require meticulous planning, budgeting, relevant skills and expertise. As with almost all trades, professionals are professionals for a reason. Our experienced engineers only use the highest quality material from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Are you ready to begin your campervan adventure? Visit out conversion page for information about buying your converted VW Transporter.