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Campervan Insurance

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  • 25-05-2018
Campervan Insurance

Campervan Insurance

Like any other vehicle, your motorhome must be MOT'd, Taxed and Insured before you drive it on a public road. While there are various levels of cover packages available, it makes little sense to invest in buying a motorhome and then attempt to minimise insurance coverage cost.

A campervan is considered to be self-contained travelling home, normally with no divide in between the cabin and the living quarters. A motorhome tends to feature an interior divide and is built on a truck or bus chassis. Furthermore, campervans can be split into two additional categories:

Standard campers consist of components and fittings which are integrated from the manufacture and belong to the vehicle's basic specification.
Camper conversions are a conversion of a van, either by a DIY project or an expert conversion developed by professionals such as Danbury or Wellhouse.

To get an insurance quote, you will need to provide a great deal of information about yourself, where your motorhome is stored and how and where you plan to use it. All of these elements are used by the insurance provider to produce a quote.


The first aspect that affects how pricey a quote is likely to be is your age as a driver. Young and inexperienced drivers are statistically more likely to be associated with crashes, and consequently, their premiums might be greater.

Luckily, the majority of motorhome owners are mature drivers so, unless you have a terrible driving record, this will be beneficial. The years of No Claims Bonuses (NCB)- even if this is from driving a car- will likewise contribute to minimising the cost. Each year you are insured to drive and do not make a claim, this goes towards your NCB. One alternative when securing insurance coverage is to pay a small premium to protect your NCB. This can be worthwhile and allows for one claim to be made without losing your NCB discount rate.


The next requirement is your postcode. All postcodes are ranked for criminal activity and how likely your motorhome is to be taken, burglarized or damaged. A rural place with a low criminal activity rate will have have a lower premium than in an inner-city location with a higher criminal offence rate.


Where your motorhome is parked overnight will modify this part of the quote. If it's inside a locked garage that is at the side of your facilities, it will pay for a decent reduction compared with having to park it on the street. It's important that you cannot say it is being stored in a garage when you do not have one, and park it on the street.

Other factors here include immobilisers, trackers and alarms being fitted. If you don't have off-road storage, then it can be worth housing your motorhome with a recognised storage site.

The benefit of using a certified storage site is that they have locked gates, CCTV, monitored entry and exit points as well as security personnel. Sites are graded bronze, silver or gold depending upon how much security is in place.

Are you ready to begin your campervan adventure? Visit out conversion page for information about buying your converted VW Transporter.