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Campervan Maintenance

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  • 14-09-2018
Campervan Maintenance

Maintaining your VW Campervan

Congratulations on becoming an owner of a VW Campervan! For an adventurous person, a campervan is more than just a vehicle- it's part of their lifestyle. With the flexibility of a campervan, the range of accessible locations is highly increased. Rather than finding the nearest accommodation, you can simply drive your accommodation to where you'd like to visit.

However, you need to keep in mind that your campervan is afterall, a vehicle and thus subject to regular maintenance to remain roadworthy just like your car. Maintaining the campervan in proper condition is important as it ensures that you do not suffer reliability issues. Most campervan owners are not aware of the maintenance necessity and hence pay no attention as required. Such ignorance later results in long-term effects as the reliability ends up not matching the standards. While we do not carry out repairs and servicing of VW campervans, L K W Campers have put together a few things you should be aware of in terms of campervan maintenance:

white vw converted campervan with orange highlights

Consistent maintenance checks

It all starts with conducting frequent maintenance checks just like other cars on road. You should be ever more diligent for the checks on your campervan. The regular checks are also important to ensure the insurance of the VW campervan is in match with the terms and requirements of your payment. This simply means that looking at things like the windscreen fluid, oil and all that is needed to keep your camper in optimal condition.  

Checking safety items

The safety items include airbags, seatbelts and also the van’s tyres. These are the simple things but can really have a big impact on the safety and handling of the campervan. This is especially important before a long trip or if you are planning to travel to a rural area with rough terrain. If necessary, ensure that you let another person know your itinerary. 

campervan with awning set up

If you are planning to bringing accessories such as awnings, you should probably check them too.

company branded tool kit bag

Perfect companion for on the road- our LKW branded handy tool kit bag!

Check the waste water tank 

The van’s waste water tank should be cleaned out regularly as it can lead to issues while on road. This is another crucial safety concern. The waste water tank is often smaller than the fresh water tank, meaning you have to dispose of it more often. Ideally, it should be emptied as often as possible to avoid potential overfilling and contamination.

Make appropriate seasonal maintenance 

It is as well very important to take into account seasonal changes as soon as possible. The maritime UK climate sees a considerable amount of change between seasons, from below freezing conditions to sub-tropical temperature ranges. Depending on use and location, you should change wipers, any fluids such as antifreeze and if necessary, use snow tyres.

SMMT Check

SMMT check ensures that the warranty of the campervan is not expired or cannot be voided. It should be conducted by an authorised dealer who will complete the checkup as per requirements while ensuring the van remains worthy of use for another year. The check plays a bigger role and hence should be taken with seriousness. 

man changing tyres on a vehicle

Are you ready to begin your campervan adventure? Visit out conversion page for information about buying your converted VW Transporter.