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Campervan Travel Blogs

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  • 07-03-2019
Campervan Travel Blogs

Top 10 Campervan Travel Blogs you should follow

If you are considering living the campervan lifestyle, why not check out the blogs of those who have experienced it first hand? The campervan lifestyle isn't about living for long periods somewhere other than your normal home; it's about seeing the world, travelling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures and new life experiences. Others have done it and so can you. 

There are ways to live on the road full time while using the internet to work remotely to actually earn decent wages. You can write books about how to become mortgage free, or about how to use the internet to support yourself while on the road travelling.

Whether you are going on the road, are thinking about the possibility of it, or are just curious about the stories of those who are living it, we have compiled a brief list of 10 campervan travel blogs from those who have made it work.

couple sitting in front of camper
go van logo

1. Go Van Stories

Go Van has a series of user-submitted stories to inspire and empower you as you begin a new adventure. Dive into a lifelong goal, or simply get outside. Whether you are part of vanlife or simply interested in it, everybody has a story.

2. Our Camper Conversion Adventure

Wendy and Ian share their camper conversion step by step. They have owned various campervans through the last eleven years and taken many great holidays with their dogs and children. However, their kids are grown now so they have decided to go further afield and discover more of Europe for a while.

red mercedes campervan
motorhome blog

3. Our Carefree Cruising

Jill and Ian are headed to Europe. They are a couple in their 50's who are taking you on the road with them. He was in printing for over 35 years and now works for himself. Although he loves his job, he will be scaling back somewhat when they leave for Europe. They will share it all on their blog.

4. Our Van Helsing

David and Sandra, a German couple in their 50's.they have raised their kids and are looking forward to some 'me' time travelling in their van Helsing. They plan to discover and express more of their creative sides as they travel through Europe.

converted campervan
converted campervan

5. Ruby On Wheels

Jakob is a German software engineer who works remotely for Github. He is currently converting a Mercedes campervan and you can read about each step in the progress. He also writes about his experiences living and working with the campervan lifestyle.

6. The Escape Blog

Rob Mewton from New Zealand is an entrepreneur who loves to travel and surf. Rob is now located in the US and shares his love of campervans and his story of how he arrived in the states. He now has 12 locations and hundreds of campervans. Enjoy his adventurous spirit through his blog.

logo of escape caravans
motorhome of travel blogger

7. Steve And Glen Swatman

After accidentally retiring in 1997,  Steve and Glen have spent most of their time travelling on a low budget, mostly by campervan and motorhome. Learn from their experiences and follow them as they live and learn while on the road.

8. The CamperVan Gang

This past summer Stu and his wife were married after being together for fifteen years. Their fondest memories are sleeping under the stars, playing around the different lakes they visited, and generally being outside and happy. The blog is about their family's journey and travels in a van named Hiro.

logo of the campervan gang
corgi travelling through europe

9. Gallivanting

Follow Stuart, Hannah and their Corgi Stanley as they gallivant across Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and other countries throughout Europe. They set sail from Hull in April 2018 and hasn't looked back since.

10. The Road Goes Ever On

This blog is a retirement website by Mark and Vicky, who are Americans currently in Europe in their Motorhome travelling worldwide. They plan to be back in the states in the near future mainly in the Pacific Northwest including California.

camper couple

The ten blogs above can help educate anyone thinking about going on the road and living the campervan lifestyle. 

These blogs can serve as blueprints, as to what is required to be successful living the campervan lifestyle; or they can serve as warnings, to those who may not really be cut out for this type of lifestyle. However, these blogs surely will help anyone trying to live on the road and be happy while doing it. Therefore, good luck in whatever situation you are in and here is wishing everyone success in the campervan lifestyle.