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Campervan Travelling Check List

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  • 04-10-2018
Campervan Travelling Check List

Things to Remember Before You Travel in a Campervan

The first sunny day of the year often rekindles our adventurous spirit, kick-starting the process of planning our next campervan holiday. However, just like any other trip, there are some preparations which you ought to do. As veterans of not only dealing with campervans, but also holidaying in one, we have put together a quick checklist of things to remember before you travel in your campervan.

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Plan ahead

It is good practice to plan ahead, and going out with a campervan is no exception. While you want to explore the local area and find hidden gems of attractions, it's recommended that you make a rough travel plan which you can freely adjust on the road. Bear in mind that in the summer high season, it can be difficult to find accommodation on campsites, therefore it's all the more important that you book ahead. 

Cleaning the campervan 

A campervan is your home away from home, and it's in your best interests to keep it clean thoroughly inside and out. If your camper spent the winter period outdoors, you should also clean the roof. Not only is bird droppings unsightly, if left untreated for a long period they can also cause damage to the paintwork of your camper. A clean camper is also easier to inspect for damages in the bodywork.

If you are preparing your camper for its first outing of the year, it may be worthy to carry out a habitation check.

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Pre-trip Checks

Before setting off on your grand adventure, you should carry out the following pre-trip checks to ensure that your campervan is in a reliable condition while you are away. Some of these may be covered by your annual service or your habitation check.


Nobody wants to discover that the camper's battery is empty at the middle of a journey. Therefore, when preparing for going for a trip with a campervan, just like any other car, disconnect both the spare battery and the battery in use to check the battery’s voltage and if it needs to be recharged.  


The campervan tyres specifically have to be able to deal with heavy loads. Thus it is very important to check the pressure of the tyres and adjust as necessary. Campervan tyres should also be replaced after every six years. The tyres’ age is found in the DOT number which is on the tyre’s side and is written in for digits. 


Functioning parking lights, brakes and indicators are essential for road sfety as well as being legal requirements for being a roadworthy vehicle. In modern campervans, there are often sockets and outlets in the interior of the vehicle. For this reason, it is important to throughly inspect and test the electric systems before you journey on.

Water Systems

 Left over sewage is smelly as well as unhygienic. You should also dispose of any grey wastewater promptly. After removing the old water, also check the water pipes. It is recommended that you fill, rinse and test the pipes to check for leaks. If any are found, you should aim to have it repaired by an engineer as soon as possible.

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