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Essentials to bring in a Campervan

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  • 31-05-2019
Essentials to bring in a Campervan

Essential Supplies you should bring in your Campervan

You have just acquired a new campervan, and you are thrilled to hit the road for your first adventure. However, you'll need to plan and stockpile the essentials to guarantee a fulfilling trip. You can make a comprehensive packing list of what to take in a camper-van, then pick some items from what you have at home. Purchase these essential items before setting off to minimise detours as you start your holiday.

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Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Wet Wipes

While these might be considered a standard inclusion for general travelling, they are essential to have readily accessible in a campervan. You need to keep some sanitiser and wipes in the bathroom and the cabin. 

Hanging Toiletry Bag

To avoid a mix up of the toiletries and other items, you should choose a hanging toiletry bag large enough to fit the basics. Store your soap, shampoo, and razor in a secure bag and keep the rest of toiletries in the bathroom onboard. Hanging bags occupy little space thus helps to declutter the campervan.

First Aid Kit

You’ll need your first aid kit in the event of an emergency. Include additional pain relievers and anti-allergens for any existing allergies. Additionally, you can keep a card with emergency contact details inside the kit.

Short, Light Weight Bathrobe

Getting dressed in public bathrooms can be stressing at times. There will be limited space, no hanging hooks for your clothes and toiletries and wet surfaces that makes it scary to drop a valuable. A short, lightweight bathrobe will ease your use of the bathroom during your campervan trip.

Ear Plugs and Eye Masks

You wish to have an ambient environment for your campervan. Nevertheless, this desire is not always tenable. You might have parked outside a bar or a busy street denying you a much-needed nap. If you are a light sleeper, earplugs will cancel all the noises and eye masks blocks distraction granting you the perfect tranquillity you need.

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Packing Cubes

Keeping things organised and accessible is vital in the campervan; you don't want to clutter the already limited space. Packing cubes will help you maintain order and account for all your items. Having them stored in the storage space above the beds allows easy access. If you are going for long campervan trips, you'll find it useful than carrying around bags and suitcases all day.

Universal Travel Adaptors

As you consider what to take in a campervan trip, you will need to think of how to power your devices. You don't want to get stuck somewhere with no power and suddenly feel cut out from the world. Always carry several chargers to charge all your devices when you get the opportunity. For improved portability, carry a universal travel adaptor with the main power plug and four USB connectors and USB-C connector. You'll be able to charge your camera, MacBook or two iPhone and iPad all at once.