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Is a Campervan ideal for me

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  • 24-08-2018
Is a Campervan ideal for me

Is a Campervan Ideal for me?

We believe that a campervan holiday supplies the most freedom; no more check-in times or early check-out. You can remain in one place for as long or as little as you like, and there's no need to stay in just one place throughout of your holiday. With the freedom a campervan holiday supply, you can explore so much more of this stunning island.

You can even make the most of the dates you travel- avoid peak times such as school vacations. By picking up your campervan just before or after the school holidays, you'll still get all the benefits of peak season home entertainment and activities by travelling close to or around those dates. You'll likely discover that the roads and camping areas a little quieter too!

Why campervan instead of a caravan?

It's a matter of personal opinion. You might have reservations about towing a caravan instead of driving a single unit. You may not have room enough to park both car and caravan off-street, or it could come down to the visiting you want to do. If you prefer a series of nightly stops, you most likely don't want the hassle of disconnecting/connecting the caravan to the car.

For some, campervans are the most hassle-free choice as they are compact yet offer essential living features. Due to their size, campervans are simpler to drive or browse traffic with. Most come with the option of accommodating two or four individuals, making them ideal for couples, friends, small households and many notoriously the surfing enthusiasts. Their size also makes them more budget-friendly than a fully-kitted motorhome which might be convenient for those on a tight budget!

Benefits of a campervan

The benefits will very much depend on the kind of campervan you get - especially in regards to features and storage capability. Based upon a 2.4-litre Ford Transit based chassis, the main benefits are:

Low Initial Price and Running Costs

Both caravans and motorhomes are readily available for a large range of budget plans. Of course, the cost to acquire depends on whether you are purchasing brand-new or used, the age, make, model, interior fittings and more.

Flexible Location

You have an option about where you remain (within a security constraint), and these can be appealing beach areas or mountain peaks. It's extremely easy to pull off the main road and park where there is housing for security. But just for one night, otherwise, it may concern the locals. You have to carry on the next day and make sure to park somewhere else (> 3km) away the next day. Park in non-residential areas from 7 AM - 9 PM, and suburbs from 9 PM to 7 AM.

Lifestyle advantages

Campervans offer you a lot of liberty, relaxation. They do not provide the property gratitude of a holiday home. However, they are a lot more versatile regarding travel destinations.

Are you ready to begin your campervan adventure? Visit out conversion page for information about buying your converted VW Transporter.