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Living out of a Campervan

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  • 26-04-2019
Living out of a Campervan

Tips for Living out of a Campervan

Those who live in the van come from different background and careers. Living comfortably is essential; thus you need to equip your van with the following necessities:


Bring suitable clothing depending on the condition of the weather and your intended activities. If it is in the summertime, you need light clothes, and if it is in winter, you need warm clothes and boots to keep your body warm.


Doing laundry can often be tricky. If you don't keep up with your laundry you might find yourself in a situation where you have no clothes to change. While travelling, you can opt to do your laundry in the river, beach or carry water in your van to wash your clothes at the next stop. Alternatively, you can find a stopover location with laundry facilities available.

female camper undressing

Storage Bins

You can use storage bins to store your clothes and other necessities. Additionally, you can use transparent storage bins to store electronic and other stuff. Transparent bins are ideal as you can view the items stored in them and it is easy to locate your items. Storage bins ensure that your camper is systematically arranged and you can trace your things much more comfortably.

Bed or couch

When you are selecting a type of bed, it is good to choose the bed that it is easy to handle, and one that saves time when you want to spread it. Most people prefer a couch as it is portable and will take a few minutes to set up. Foldable beds will consume time while setting up. Look for something that suits your needs and is comfortable.

cooking in a campervan


You can either opt to use a temporary stovetop or a permanent stove top. Temporary stovetops are great, but you may waste 10 minutes in every set up when you want to enjoy a meal. Permanent stovetop is fantastic, especially if you have transformed your van to a stable habitat. Ensure you equip yourself with a durable stovetop that will not malfunction when you want to prepare a meal.

Install a fan

A fan is mostly used in summer time. It is good to have a fan to bring fresh air. It is also useful for controlling the temperature in the van;h igh temperatures often dehydrate your body and make you too sweaty thus they need to be regulated.

Hook up a fridge

If you have decided to live in the van temporary or permanent, it is essential to find a way to keep your drinks and food cold and fresh. Buying a portable fridge is the best to ensure you cut cost on spoilt food and beverages. Though the initial value might be high, its benefits are unlimited.

Set up a sink

A sink is an essential tool in any kitchen; a sink that is free from leakage and has high standards of hygiene is a valuable piece of kit for people living in a van. The sink should have clean water running through for washing vegetables and dishes.

interior of a fridge on a campervan

Carry basic tools

A van is a mobile mechanical object; thus it is prone to minor breakdowns and technical issues. It is essential to carry vital tools to repair the van. Carrying those tools will save you time that you will use to move around from shop to shop looking for these tools.

Emergency tools

Emergency tools such as first aid kits, flashlight, painkillers, battery pack, among others to assist you in case of an emergency. Some countries have a law that stipulates that you need to have emergency items in your van. Ensure while travelling to these countries you have your emergency items with you to be on the safe side.