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Popular Campervan Destinations

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  • 12-04-2019
Popular Campervan Destinations

Top Countries to visit in a Campervan

Travel in a camper or motorhome has been embraced by people who love road trips because of the delights that are associated with them. This way of travel will not only give you very interesting stories to talk about in the future but it also provides fun and magical moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. When you are planning for your next campervan trip you will have to consider some of these great nations that have not only great scenery but also friendly people who welcome camping.


Norway is one of the best places when one wants to explore in a campervan. One of the most popular local rules amongst travellers is the “allemannsretten” which means that one has all the right not only to camp freely but also the freedom to roam. To add on top of that, it has beautiful coastline scenery, including many breathtaking fjords that will fuel the imagination.

view of norweigian fjords
view over river in france


If you enjoy fine wine and cheese, then going across the channel to France is the ideal destination. It is well known not only for the low-cost spots for campervan stopovers but also good scenery that are outside the major towns. France offers many spots which are ideal for road trippers who are on a budget but still want to have a good time and sample a gourmet cuisine.


In Iceland, you will not miss out on what to see and is considered as one of the nice places for campervan roadtrips because of the scenery. The fact that one can comfortably pull over and make meals while enjoying the vistas is an icing to the cake. Though you cannot drive to Iceland by road, you can enjoy relatively cheap flights and take advantage of a rental campervan.

frozen landscape in iceland
snowcapped mountain in canada


The resorts that are available in Canada has to be mentioned when considering this place as a destination for your Campervan. There is a lot of national and provisional parks which are ideal for motorhomes and campervans. These spots are spread all over the country. There is an assurance that one will not miss finding an ideal place to set up a camp.


Over to the other side of the globe, one big draw for campers to Australia is the free camping available in Australia. Laws differ in different states and it is important to be sure that your planned stopover spot is actually available for camping. The best way to find local campsites is by using free camping websites and applications such as Camps Australia wide. 

view of sydney opera house
view over a bay in new zealand

New Zealand

Popularised by The Lord of the Rings series, Australia's little cousin is one spot that not so many trippers have fancied, but truth be told it is one of the nicer places when you fell accustomed with the country. What makes this possible is the size of the country, it is small enough for anyone to be able to see and witness some of the friendly and welcoming hosts.

United States

Last but surely not the least is the United States, you will certainly not be short of things to see or do. There is an abundance of sights to see, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the exciting lights of Las Vegas. There are also iconic buildings like the Empire State Building. The one thing is a must-see for most road trippers who visit the United States the famous route 66.

view of a us flag on a building