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Preparing for a Campervan Journey

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  • 22-03-2019
Preparing for a Campervan Journey

Preparing your Campervan for a Trip

Before you begin your campervan travels, you will need to ensure that you are fully prepared for the journey. Below are some tips to help you prevent problems when you embark on your road trip.

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De-winterise Your Campervan

Leaving your campervan exposed to harsh weather conditions makes it susceptible to bodywork damage, posing a maintenance headache depending on the degree of damage. 

You can consider recommended winter storage at an approved dedicated facility. Keeping your campervan covered prevents corrosion and damp; saving you pre-trip preparation time when the camping season begins.

Preparing the Habitation Area

You will spend considerable time in the habitation area of your campervan, so it's in your best interest to ensure everything is in place to guarantee your comfort and convenience during your trip. 

While preparing your campervan for travel, ensure there is a stable power supply from your leisure battery. Check this regularly and keep the battery at recommended levels. On the same note, you need to check all onboard gas and electrical appliances; all identified faults should be fixed before you travel. If you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, make sure they function before you set off.

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packing and stocking a campervan

Storing Your Gear

While packing for your campervan trip, it is vital to observe the maximum load limit of your camper. Overloading is not only a criminal offence, but also a threat to your safety and other road users. 

Try to ensure an even and safe distribution of weight; position heavy items on the floor close to the centre of the vehicle. Place medium weight items on the floor and spread them evenly. Light items only should be placed in top cupboards and lockers. Secure your items and check their stability before your travel. 

Check for Roadworthiness

If you have left your camepervan out of use for a long time, make sure you inspect its road-worthiness before you set off. Tyres can deteriorate; check that the treads and pressure are at the recommended levels and inspect the surface for any cracks, bulges or impaled objects

Make it a routine to check the windscreen before each journey. Note any windscreen chip and seek an immediate solution. If left untreated, a small wind chip can rapidly progress to an expensive repair. 

Finally, before you hit the road, confirm your brakes are working correctly. Apply a little pressure on them to get a good indication. Also, check your campervan lamps and signal lights and double-check the front and rear lamps, brake lights and indicators.

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