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VW T5 Conversion vs VW California

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  • 20-04-2018
VW T5 Conversion vs VW California

VW T5 Conversion vs VW California

Since the introduction of the original T2 "splitty", VW campervans have always been a labour of love. Since they were manufactured and marketed as commercial vehicles, VW campervans are almost exclusively conversions either by private individuals or professional companies. However, this all changed when Volkswagen introduced the California range- VW's own campervans in the T4 base which competed directly with conversion specialists. 

VW California

Westfalia's campervan adjustments underwent an overhaul 1988 with an entirely new look. This more contemporary automobile was referred to as the "California Volkswagen Motorhome". California introduced in August 2003. In 2010, a new version of the VW T5 California - typically referred to as the 'facelift' design - was launched and succeeded the older, pre-2010 version. Based on the Transporter, the California mixes the space and robust capabilities of a proper industrial automobile with a very respectable ride and handling capability. It has quality components and fittings. Depending on the style choices, you can find a parking heater, a closet, a fitted refrigerator, a gas cooker, a sink and an awning fitted.

So if VW is building such a comprehensive campervan in-house, why are conversions still so hugely popular? We have gathered a few reasons why you may want to consider a conversion:

Individuality: By opting for a T5/T6 van, the vehicle can be transformed and fitted out to your liking. A conversion is tailored to suit your requirements, offering you with your best campervan. You can pick the equipment you need and a style you enjoy, and express your uniqueness through your camper. Lots of conversions are very individualistic and express the owners' tastes by including bespoke fabrics, leather seats, mood lighting and bespoke internal and external palette.

Various Fixtures & Fittings: The California is fully geared up with beds for four individuals. Inclusive of a cooker, sink, fridge, night heater, hydraulic pop-up roofing system and tables, so if you purchase a California, you don't need to stress over kitting it out. Some have noted the Germanic internal styling to be a little dull. Acquiring a purpose-built campervan such as a California could imply needing to tolerate functions that do not suit you. By transforming a T5 or T6, you can select your very own design, choice of bed and equipment so you know you'll more than happy with the finished result.

Resale Values: Although conversions often seem cheaper than a California, when you come to sell a T5/T6 conversion potential buyers will undoubtedly ask about the craftsmanship of the conversion and what guarantees are available. Resale values of T5 conversions differ tremendously, and this can have a significant impact on the overall expense of the vehicle. A California is easy to value and is a recognised entity. So far resale worths of the California have actually held up exceptionally well.

Insurance coverage: Although there is no shortage of insurance providers who will insure T5/T6 conversions, you only know how great the insurance cover is when you make a claim. The larger the claim, the closer the insurance service provider will take a look at the conversion and the extensive list of "modifications".

Are you ready to begin your campervan adventure? Visit out conversion page for information about buying your converted VW Transporter.